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Monday: 11AM-11PM
Tuesday: 11AM-10PM
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Upcoming Events


Wednesday Night FREE Modern
Feb 20 @ 7:45 PM – 11:45 PM

Modern. Free. 7.45.

Event details:

  • Rounds are 50 minutes long.
  • We separate into 2 pods once we have 12 players. (2 pods of 6)
  • There are a minimum number of 3 rounds, plus additional rounds based on attendance. (9 people is 4 rounds, 17 people is 5, etc.)
  • We pay out prizes to the top third of participants (top 4 for 12, top 3 for 10, etc.)
  • We add a booster of the latest Standard-legal set to the prize pool for each player. (8 boosters get given away if we have 8, 15 if we have 15, etc.)
Friday Night Magic: FREE Standard
Feb 22 @ 7:45 PM – 11:45 PM

Friday Night Magic Standard is now free! That’s right! Zip. Zero. Zilch. Free Fitty. Free Ninety Nine. Test your deck against the best Melrose and the surrounding areas have to offer, or try out a new, experimental brew you’re not willing to lose $5 on! Starts at 7:45pm. Be there or be square!

Event details:

  • Rounds are 50 minutes long.
  • The number of rounds is determined by attendance. There are a minimum of 3 rounds; 9-16 players is 4 rounds, 16-32 is 5 rounds, and 32+ is 6 rounds.
  • We pay out prizes to the top third of participants (top 4 for 12, top 3 for 10, etc.)
  • For this event, one standard-legal booster is added to the prize pool per player. (So if we get 8 people, 8 boosters will be given out, 12 people, 12, etc.)
Feb 23 @ 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

We haver a thriving HeroClix community that meets every week for all sorts of fun! Themed builds, sealed tournaments with new sets, and all sorts of other kinds of stuff populate our Saturday HeroClix events. Come on down and join us, and see what it’s all about!

Manage Your Comic Book Pull Online

Mega City One offers our customers a way to manage and track their pulls online, all via Manage Comics! Here’s how:

1) Create an account on (Already have one? Skip this step!)

2) Once you’re set up, check out our retailer page. Click “Register Now with Mega City One.”

3) Fill out the requested information, and you’re done! Start pulling on Manage Comics, and every Wednesday we’ll pull at the store what you pulled online. Easy!

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