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We’ll Beat Amazon

“Alright,” you ask, “What’s the catch?”

Good question! No catch; just three simple rules:

1) We will beat’s price on any in-print, brand new graphic novel or trade paperback we carry by one cent ($0.01.), up to 50% off. Used graphic novels and trade paperbacks do not qualify. The item must be shipped and sold by Amazon. We do not beat prices that require Amazon Prime membership.

2) We beat the price Amazon advertises at the time of sale. Forgot to ask for the price match? No problem! Just come in up to 7 days after your purchase with your receipt and we’ll issue you store credit for the difference at that time.

3) We reserve the right, in extraordinary circumstances, to suspend or revoke this promotion. “Extraordinary circumstances” are just that – extraordinary. “This book is selling like hotcakes so we don’t want to run out” doesn’t count.

That’s it! Easy, right? Currently this policy applies only to in-store purchases, although if you happen to purchase a graphic novel online with us, simply ask for the difference in store credit when you pick up and we’ll be happy to oblige.

We appreciate your patience while we learn, and, as always, appreciate your business!