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What new machinations does Nicol Bolas have in store for us now? Play it out in Magic’s latest set, Amonkhet!

Did you miss the prerelease? Did you not miss it, but love it? Do you have nothing better to do? This is the event for you!

It’s going to be identical to the prerelease, except it’s not going to be a prerelease. We have 9 prerelease packs left over: experience it all over again: the trials, the foil lands, everything!

First, Wizards has let us know that we’re getting a stack of these babies to hand out during the launch event (in foil, no less!):

So you’re already ahead of the game, before you’ve even opened your boosters! All hail Nicol Bolas! They also appear in normal packs, at a rate of about one every 4 packs.

Now, onto the main event: we have just one Amonkhet launch event planned: Noon on Sunday, April 30th. At just $19.99, we’re pretty sure it’s the best launch party bang for your buck around. (Please note that if we run out of prerelease packs, for the launch party, 6 boosters will be provided instead.)

Be there!