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Compete for a spot in the prestigious Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers – and, if you’re good enough – go to the pro tour and compete for $250,000 in prizes!

Mages Battling

We are running a PPTQ on Sunday, November 5th at 11AM. Our first Competitive REL (Rules Enforcement Level) event in a while, decklists are required and you will be held to a higher standard of play than at most events.

A level 2 judge will be present, and once your boosters have been opened and the cards recorded, the pools will be swapped.

After you play your sealed rounds, we will cut to the top 4 or top 8, depending on attendance, and then we will draft with fresh product to determine the winner.

Prize support is $10 store credit entered into the prize pool per player. (A 20-player event has a prize pool of $200 credit, etc)

Rounds are 50 minutes long. There is a player cap of 32 players.

Event starts at 11AM. Registration begins at 10:30AM. Event details are here!

Entry is $30.