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Hey there Magic pals!

Sorry for the last-minute notice, but we’re holding a PPTQ on Sunday, August 5th at 11AM! It’s Core 2019 Sealed and $30 to preregister: $35 the day of (all prices plus tax.) We’ll have Danny Simard, a level two judge, and the cut to top 8* will be a draft.

We’ve done some optimizations to the store layout and can now fit up to 40 people inside!

Prize structure is determined by the number of participants, but the general prize structure for a 24-27 person event is as such:

1st Place: $50 Store Credit or $40 Cash
2nd Place: $35 Store Credit or $28 Cash
3rd & 4th Place: $25 Credit (Each) or $16 Cash (Each)
5th-8th Place: $15 Credit (Each) or $12 Cash (Each)

*Note that a cute to top 8 only occurs with 12 or more participants. We’re not particularly worried about that, but here’s the fine print, just in case.