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We’ve been on Melrose for over 25 years now, and if there’s one thing we can say with confidence, it’s that the parking really sucks. There’s no getting around it, sadly, so we’ve put together this handy guide to parking so that you can experience a whole lot less stress getting to our events on time.

First, we have a few parking spaces behind the store. And by a few, we mean 4. It’s not perfect, but it’s something.

Behold the back of the store. (Attractive!)

The two parking spots shaded in red are available for customer parking on event days only (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) starting at 7pm.

Each space accommodates up to two cars, so please make sure to pull in all the way when you park, and expect to be blocked in if you are the first to arrive. Only park in the first space if it is empty. A neighbor has been consistently grumpy about it, for fear his wrath.

Please do not park in the two unshaded spaces. They belong to the other stores, and while we’d love to work with them in the future so that we can offer them to you, as of right now they will tow you, and we will not be held responsible.


Street Parking


“I got to your event, and the parking behind the store was full. Now what?”

Good question. We’ve mapped out the best surrounding areas to look for unrestricted street parking at night. While we made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this map, please understand that it is provided as a courtesy only, and that you should always read and obey all posted parking signs before leaving your car.

Blue (Teal) means unlimited free parking except for street cleaning.

Green means 2 hour parking before 8pm.

Yellow means metered parking, which is about $1/hour.

Purple means special but general lightly-restricted parking. (For example: 15 minute parking during school hours only. Unlimited parking at other times.)

Red means no parking, ever.

Disable layers on the map by clicking the button in the top-left corner and unchecking the corresponding boxes. That way, you can look at, for instance, just the unlimited parking!