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The Hour of Devastation is nigh. The God-Pharaoh Nicol Bolas has returned. Behold your doom.

First things first: our prerelease events take place Saturday, July 8th and Sunday, July 9th.

If we get 32 or more players for the Midnight prerelease, we’ll hand everyone $5. (Learn more.)

We’ve also made a much-requested change to our previous schedule: Saturday’s Noon event is now a Two-Headed Giant (Two-Player Team) event. These are a particular blast, so bring a friend!

Now, onto the main event(s); we have 3 HOU prerelease events planned:

Saturday at Midnight (After Friday Night Magic);

Noon 2-Headed Giant (2 Player-Team) Saturday; and

11AM Sunday.

At just $19.99 (or even $14.99!), we’re pretty sure it’s the best prerelease bang for your buck around.

Can’t get enough sealed? You can buy entry into all three prerelease events for just $53.99, an additional savings of $6! You can also buy every prerelease and the launch party for the best deal we’ve got: $68.99 for 4 events. Buy in bulk: that’s what we always say! (Keep in mind that your partner still needs to purchase an entry for the 2HG event.)

If that’s too rich for your blood we have a Prerelease & Launch Party Combo, which gets you both a prerelease and a launch party (on Sunday, July 16th) for just $34.99. (Please note that if we run out of prerelease packs before the launch party, 6 boosters will be provided instead.)

Preregister online and save the time and hassle of coming in!

Wondering whether you should attend? Our testimonials speak for themselves:

N. Bolas
N. Bolas Elder, Dragon & Associates
I’d been looking for a place to play for months, and finally stumbled across Mega City One while taking a casual planeswalk one day. I entered the prerelease on a whim and utterly destroyed each of my adversaries. The local population proved to be very loyal and easily subjugated as well. 10/10, would play again!


Once you’re done doing your happy dance, preregister while there’s still time!