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Hour of Devastation is near. We’re having three excellent prereleases; in addition, we want to become an Advanced store, and are asking for your help.

For those unfamiliar, Wizards of the Coast has 3 levels of participation as a Magic store: Core, Advanced, and Advanced Plus. The higher we are, the more we’re given for players (promos, playmats, etc,) and the more kinds of events we can run (PPTQs, GPTS, etc.) We are currently Core, but only because we haven’t run a single event with 32 players.

We want to become Advanced (again,) and we’d like your help.

If we can work together and get 32 people for our Midnight prerelease, we’ll share the love. Each person who attends the event and plays at least 1 round will be given $5 cash. That means when you show up, if we have 32 or more, and you play at least one round, we will hand you a $5 bill on your way out of the door.

So bring your friends! Your co-workers! Random people walking down the street! If we get to Advanced, we can run GPTs and PPTQs, and with our new break-even events policy, it’ll be awesome. And we’d appreciate it. We want to reward our customers as much as possible, and these extra promos will go a long way toward that!

Preregister online and save the hassle of coming in!