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One day, someone thought “Man. I love free stuff. I also love comic books.”

And lo, Free Comic Book Day was born. Every first Saturday in May, comic fans from across the world get together to go to their local comic store and pick up free (free!) comics. That’s crazy! Publishers have responded with aplomb: just look all over this post at some of the comics that’ll be available! (And that’s not even all of them!)

Come on in on Saturday, May 6th and grab up to 3 free comics per person. (We’d love to give you more, but we want to spread the love.) We will, of course, be having all kinds of crazy sales, so make sure to keep an eye out for some great deals. Come early though; in past years we’ve run out of stuff pretty quickly. We open at 10AM, and the free comics go out at 11AM. Here’s a preview of some of the sales that’ll be going on:

50% off Back Issues and Posters.

30% off New Comics, Toys (excluding consignment,) T-Shirts, Graphic Novels, Trade Paperbacks, and Pins.

For a full list of the comics that will be available on Free Comic Book Day, check out